The Ultimate Coffee Makers

La Pavoni Cellini Espresso Machine

Designed in Italy, this little alien-looking “gas tank” weights 9.3 kg, with whooping capacity of 1.25 liters.  It has a steel body with a chrome plated brass filter holder. The machine has a 14 bar pressure. With a short heat up time of 5 minutes.

Just a pretty little gadget or good for functionality…? 

If you are planning to purchase the Pavoni Cellini, it takes some guesswork to brew a buen cup of espresso. That’s because it requires some toggling with the dual gauges. Overall, a solid body handmade body with mainly steel. This model also has an active cup heating tray.

La Pavoni Cellini Espresso Machine

The Francis Francis Illy X5 Espresso Machine

..Yet another Italian design with metal casing. This is one of the older Francis! Francis! Illy X5 iperEspresso models. With an uber retro and trapazoid shaped, the cup warmer tray fits six European sized espresso cups. Water tank has a 48 oz capacity. Handles both ESE pods and ground coffee.

Francis Francis Illy X5 Orange Espresso Machine

The Francis Francis Illy iperEspresso X1 Machine

The X1 machine is an upgrade from the X5! Similar functionality, but with more toggle switches to customize your espresso drinks to your liking. The iperEspresso X1 has a powder epoxy coating on the metal case. Compare to the X5, the X1 Illy model has a more precise, clear indication on the temperature dial. Toggle switches is a plus for making this machine more retro and stylish among all other members in the Illy iperEspresso family. Overall, the Illy X1 makes espressos with artisan quality – a lovely addition to spice up your day.


Saeco Etienne Louis Espresso Machine

Apparently, Saeco wants to launch a space mission.. This Etienne Louis Espresso Model is designed by a Swiss designer, Carlos Border.

Inspired by the relics in the space age, this machine is the prime candidate to go on air for Star Wars. The cylindrical design is made with a polished aluminum shell and steel. The spikes adds ferocity to this creature, making the Etienne Louis a lethal medieval mace, or perhaps, a space bomb.

The Etienne body also has tripod legs and a phallic milk frothing arm, which makes it look quite a relic from the Wellsian Utopia of automation.

Although this armored machine appears to be seemingly impenetrable, the top half of the sphere can easily be opened for water refill. And, yep, by all means this machine is meant to intimidate you coffee geeks!

Saeco Etienne Louis Lethal Espresso Machine

The Formula One Espresso Machine – Made in South Africa

Organ pipes or engine block? Well, that’s up to you for interpretation. For those from Arizona, you might think this machine looks more like organ than what you see in your beloved organ pipe cactus. We imagine it is quite an industrial, and industrious machine. Very much adored by the store owner. Made for heavy duty commercial use.

What is Formula One Espresso made with?

This Espresso maker emulates the formula one racing car engines. With a V8 or V12 engine, it features more than 90 components inside the machine, costing between £8,699 and £8,999. Inspired by the Grand Prix engines, this machine is manufactured with aerospace alloys.

By far, the most fashionable part of the Formula One Espresso is the exhaust pipes made for espresso extraction. These exhaust pipes dispense coffee of your choice. They are made in aviation-grade titanium alloy. The design is handmade using tungsten & argon welding techniques. To make a perfect compliment with the Formula One Espresso, you can make use of espresso cups that resembles racing pistons.

V12 Espresso MachineV2 Espresso Machine South Africa

The Alexander Yakushin Coffee Maker

Designed by Alexander Yakushin, based on Moscow. This intricate space craft machine resembles what you see in space age. Surprisingly, this machine is designed to conserve space. You can actually save a lot of space with its slidable compartments and drip tray. The exterior looks fashionably cyber and sleek. As for the interior, it is made with a series of geometric shapes. Each with its own functionality.

As you would expect with a semi-auto espresso machine, there are settings for cappuccino, espresso, water, and power switch on top. Plus, a toggle to detach the 3 liter water tank from the body. Most geometric shapes in the Yakushin machine slides in and out, which allows anyone to operate this machine on a space constraining countertop.

This Yakushian spaceship is built with energy, space, and time saving technologies. A budding amenity, that every household desires. To brew your cyber espresso, simply insert pre-fillable capsules into the top opening. After the machine is done brewing, it automamtically removes the capsule casing, which is  a time saver for cleaning up.

With an eco-friendly and trendy character, the Yakushian coffee machine will definitely appeal to many buyers. This Yakushian design concept is a diversion from relics, which is truly a representation of the millennials.

Alexander Yakushin Coffee Maker


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