Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

The Pixie Espresso Maker is a petit sized Nespresso model. This machine is simple for beginner coffee drinkers. It has a very sleek aluminium body for coffee connoisseurs with a small countertop space. The Pixie Machine has a cyber finishing in a light grey, titan color. Like many basic espresso machines, the primary downfall is no built-in filter. We strongly recommend using filtered water for this machine. The water tank is located at the back, with a capacity of 24 oz (0.7 L).

The Pixie Espresso Maker performs well relative to other counterparts. It has a 19 bar pressure pump, which meets and exceeds the amount of required pressure to brew a quality cup of espresso rich in crema. It also has a convenient power cord storage. The machine is priced moderately at $175.99.


Nespresso C60 Pixie Espresso Maker

To start brewing your espresso, simply lift the lever up and insert a capsule into the cradle. Nespresso has designed an internal thermoblock heating technology, so you do not have to wait long to preheat the machine. Within half a minute, the lights will stop blinking. At this time, your machine will be ready to turn on brew mode. Note: cup size can be up to 20 ounces. You can fold the drip tray to accommodate taller glasses. You can either program or automate the coffee volume, depending on how strong you want for your coffee. Note: For safety, DO NOT lift the lever while the machine is preparing the coffee.

In general, there are two types of brewing mode: 1) espresso 2) lungo. See video below:

The espresso shot is a single shot. The lungo is double shots, suitable for making cappuccinos and lattes. Nespresso carries 16 flavors of capsules. You can choose flavours you wish to make for your homemade coffee. The following is a list of flavour and description.


  • A Brazilian Arabica-Robusta blend grown in high altitudesNespresso Capriccio Capsule
  • Suitable for mild drinkers as a light roast with low acidity
  • Rich in flavor with a cereal aroma


  • A malted fruity Costa Rican dark roast
  • Intense flavor with full body, fine grinded beans
  • Has subtle tints of cocoa and woody tastes


  • An Arabica originated in South and Central America (Costa Rica, Columbia)
  • A moderate tasting espresso with caramelized flavor
  • A medium roast with a round and balanced aromatic profile


  • Very palatable, crisply flavored espresso cultivated in high altitudes in Brazil
  • A mild Arabica with Robusta as a dominant emit a sweet and woody flavor that lingers on your palette


  • A mixture of South American and Eastern African Arabicas, with a tint of Robusta
  • An intense espresso, finely ground beans emulating a full-body Italian style
  • This flavour is a strong roast that is acidic and fruity, but with a subtle hint of chocolate

After you have finished brewing your coffee, all you need is lift the handle bar up to pop the Nespresso capsule down into the chamber. Also, the drip tray is removable for washing.

The primary advantage of the Nespresso Pixie is: ease of maintenance. You do not need to worry the coffee grinds splattered onto the drip tray and your countertop. The chamber holds 10 used capsules, so you do not need to empty out the chamber each time after brewing. There is a LED light indicator to remind you to refill the tank when the water level is running low.

Cleaning takes only 15 minutes. See steps below:

  1. To begin, you should remove the capsule and close the lever.
  2. Then you empty the drip tray and remove any used capsules from the chamber.
  3. Fill 0.5 L of water into the tank with the Nespresso decaling liquid.
  4. Switch the machine on, when it is ready, the lights will become steady (preheating is done)
  5. Place a container with a maximum of 20 oz/0.6 L underneath the coffee outlet.
  6. Press and hold both lungo & espresso buttons for 3 seconds. (They will begin to blink)
  7. Press the lungo mode button until the water tank is empty
  8. Refill the water tank with the used descale liquid collected in the container.
  9. Repeat step #7 by holding lungo button until tank is empty
  10. Empty & refill the tank with water
  11. Hold onto the lungo button for a final rinse
  12. Press both buttons simultaneously to exit the descaling mode

Overall, the Pixie Espresso Maker is durable and easy to maintain. The only shortfalls are:

  1. Since pretty much everything is programmable, there isn’t an awful lot of customization for your homemade coffee. For instance,¬†you cannot adjust the brew temperature and pressure.
  2. The milk frother is not built-in. If you do not own a frother, you would need a separate device (i.e.: Aeroccino or Epica) to make cappuccinos and lattes.
  3. Descaling process is repetitive. However, it pays off if you usually use distilled water to reduce the number of times you descale the Nespresso machine


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