Nespresso Gran Maestria Espresso Maker


  • Die-cast metal casing, with a sturdy base and a foldable drip tray
  • Pre-programmed brew buttons for volume adjustments in both espresso and lungo settings ranging from 2.35 to 5 oz for lungo, and 0.8 oz – 2 oz for espresso
  • Fast pre-heating in just five seconds and brewing time in just under a minute
  • Built-in milk frothing pitch (automatic, pre-programmed), makes neat & no spillage on coutertop
  • Milk pitcher is improved with an indent for easier pouring
  • The milk dial is capable to calibrate for hot milk, large & small foams, and cold froth
  • Cup warming steamer is conveniently located beside the brew machine


  • Frothed milk is rather dense and thick, unlike other conventional milk frothers
  • Not as easy to make latte art like other espresso makers
  • A bit on the pricier side for a semi-automatic espresso maker

The Nespresso Gran Maestria has a die-cast metal casing, with a streamline body. Available in platinum, titanium, black and chrome. This generation has more add-on features compare to its predecessor, the Maestria, with a smaller drip tray and a manual frothing wand. For the Gran Maestria, the expanded base is designed to create an integrated work space for cup warmer and milk frothing. To warm up your cup, simply press the cup warmer with your cup facing down. The warmer will eject short steam to heat up your cup. As for milk frothing, you can regulate the foam size with the dial on the side of the espresso maker.
Nespresso Gran Maestria Espresso Machine TitaniumNespresso Gran Maestria Espresso Machine Titanium

Nespresso Gran Maestria Espresso Machine BlackNespresso Gran Maestria Espresso Machine Chrome

In terms of the body, the Gran Maestria shapes like a little android robot. It has a dome-shaped face with two brew settings in front: espresso and lungo. The lungo button ranges from 2.35 oz to 5 oz, and the espresso button ranges from 0.8 oz to 2 oz. The default You can adjust the knobs based on cup size.

Cleaning for first time use is simple. Wait for the machine to warm up. When the lights stop blinking, the machine is preheated. Just wash the water tank with soap, then fill it up with filtered or distilled water. Rinse the machine by flushing it with the lungo button at 5 oz maximum setting. When the machine is ready, you can switch back to brew mode.

Nespresso Gran Maestria Espresso Machine Chrome


To make an espresso,

  • Adjust your cup size to default #3 on the single shot dial
  • Lift the lever up to slot in your Nespresso capsule
  • Push the lever back in place and press the brew button
  • Your espresso is ready to enjoy!

To make a cappuccino,

  • Froth milk prior to making coffee
  • Adjust the dial to hot foam for your steaming option
  • Pour your milk into the steaming pitcher at a minimum volume
  • Lift the lever up to slot in your Nespresso capsule
  • Push to secure the lever back in and set the dial to default at #3 for your lungo shot
  • Once your milk is fully frothed, the Gran Maestria will indicate a solid light.
  • Gently shake the frothing pitch to break lose the tight froth
  • Slowly pour and scoop the frothed milk into the lungo shot [Note: The Nespresso froth reaches 140 F. The milk is usually very dense and tightly packed. We suggest using a spoon to add foam into your cappuccino]
  • Your cappuccino is ready to serve

[Note: The viscosity and amount of foam in your milk is more dependent on the intensity of frothing you have selected.]






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