Latissima Plus DeLonghi (Single Served) Nespresso Machine

This Latissima plus Single Served Nespresso Machine is a hybrid between the De’Longhi and Nespresso, which sets bar higher for espresso making. Available in black, red, white, and stainless steel silver. The machine body has both the detachable milk and 30 oz water tanks connected to the boiler. The built-in frother is located right inside the milk container. The brewing and milk frothing programs are integrated in the machine. There are four buttons on this machine: espresso single shot, double shot, cappuccino macchiato, and latte macchiato. [Note: descaling spout is located at the bottom of the milk reservoir tray.]

DeLonghi Latissima Plus Nespresso Red Espresso MachineDeLonghi Latissima Plus Nespresso Stainless Steel Espresso MachineDeLonghi Latissima Plus Nespresso Black Espresso MachineDeLonghi Latissima Plus Nespresso White Espresso Machine

The Latissima plus is very intuitive for brewing different espresso beverages. After you have switched on the power, the rim of the four brew buttons will start to illuminate a blue light. The machine is fully preheated. At this time, the machine is ready to start brewing. Like other Nespresso espresso maker models, once you have inserted a Nespresso capsule into the cradle, you can select any of the four brewing options. Place one shot glass if you have chosen the single shot espresso option, or otherwise two for the double shot option. With the programmable buttons, you do not need to experiment with different brew time for your espresso. This machine takes care of pressure and temperature control, so the result of each brew has high consistency and rich in crema.

To brew a cup of cappuccino or latte, simply slide your cup below the brew head and the nozzle of the milk container. As a general guideline, you need cups ranging from 5 – 8 ounces to give more room for froth and milk in your cappuccinos and lattes. The milk container does not need to prefill up to a certain point for a desirable milk frothing result. All you need to do is use the dial at the top of the milk container to select large or small foam. Please be sure to check if you have the mall door opened at the back of the milk reservoir to connect it to the machine.

Once the milk reservoir clicks into the machine, the two macchiato buttons are turned on.

To make a cappuccino macchiato:

  • Move the nozzle to make sure you place the cup directly under the brew head and the milk nozzle
  • Move the dial counter-clockwise all the way to the left to maximize the amount of foam
  • Press the macchiato cappuccino button
  • The machine starts frothing milk right away
  • Then it starts brewing espresso, the machine will start layering the milk into the espresso (nice layering: foam, milk, crema) Temperature at about 160 °F.

To make a macchiato latte:

  • Insert the capsule into the cradle
  • Reduce the amount of foam by sliding the dial all the way to the right
  • Press the latte macchiato button
  • The machine will mix the foam and crema down to the latte
  • The latte is ready to serve with a cool triple layer of foam, crema, and espresso

When you are done, open up your lever to throw out the capsule. Remember to refill milk in the reservoir.


  • The integrated, programmable milk frothing system makes a very clean espresso brewing and milk frothing process
  • A single serve machine capable of making all espresso beverages in just one click
  • The machine takes care of every step of the brewing, frothing, and milk blending processes
  • An efficient machine – Takes about 4 minutes to make a cup of macchiato cappuccino and latte


  • Relative to other semi-automatic espresso machines, the Latissima is a bit on the expensive side for a capsule-only Nespresso De’Longhi system.
  • For those who are more hands-on and want to experiment with a variety of ground coffee for their espressos, we recommend you to consider looking at the Breville Barista Express and the De’Longhi ECO300 Espresso Machine.



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