Kitchenaid Pro Espresso Machine

The Kitchenaid Pro Espresso Machine has a very eye-catching design with dome shaped curvatures on the diecast body. The machine comes with a frothing jug, a coffee scoop, and a temper for smoothing out the ground coffee in the brew head. There are two boiler systems for brewer and steamer. This keeps the machine at constant temperature for optimal brewing. The most convenient feature in the Kitchenaid Pro is that you can brew and steam your milk simultaneously. There is no wait time in between brewing and steaming. The dual boilers heat up quick enough to accommodate on-demand coffee brewing and milk frothing. The filter baskets are pressurized with single and double shot options. Pressurized filter

baskets can fit both grounds and pods, so you can customize your brew with all types of coffee grounds or ESE pods.

On the main panel, the Kitchenaid Espresso Pro has a dial indicating the temperature throughout brewing. In addition, this pro machine has a non-drip system designed to protect the machine from leakage. This distinctive feature, designed inside the solenoid valve, prevents water from passing through after the brewing is completed. Available in: Candy Apple Red, Frosted Pearl White, Oxyn Black, and Empire Red.

Kitchenaid Pro Espresso Machine Candy Apple RedKitchenaid Pro Espresso Machine Frosted PearlKitchenaid Pro Espresso Machine Oxyn BlackKitchenaid Pro Espresso Machine Empire Red

To start brewing your espresso:

  1. Choose your portafilter: single or double shot
  2. Place one scoop of ground coffee into the single shot portafilter or two in the double shot
  3. Even out the ground coffee inside the portafilter using the back of your measurement scoop
  4. Sweep any excess grounds on the rim of your portafilter
  5. Press the temp into the grounds by applying about 30 lbs of pressure to create an surface for optimal espresso extraction
  6. Before brewing your coffee, it is recommended to froth your milk first to make sure your coffee is fresh on arrival!
  7. Adjust the steamer knob to the maximum and wait for the boiler to heat up
  8. Place an empty container below the froth wand to purge any excess condensation and residues
  9. Fill the pitcher 1/3 full with cold milk
  10. Swivel the forthing wand at a suitable angle and submerge the wand under your milk to create froth
  11. Once the milk double in volume, simply turn the steaming knob off
  12. To start brewing, you can either place one or two cups under the dispenser.
  13. Press the espresso button to start the brew
  14. To make a cappuccino or latte, pour the frothed milk into the espresso

Note: In order to create the most foam in your cappuccino, turn the steaming knob to a maximum level and froth for about one minute. Latte is silkier and less foam in texture, so you should set the steaming level from low to middle range, depending on your preference.


  • The dome shaped stainless steel boilers in the Kitchenaid Pro Espresso makes it distinctive and iconic
  • Safety features: two built-in thermostats and four fuses
  • The machine comes with a measurement scoop, temper and the single & double shot filter baskets, which makes it easy to control for ground size, and intensity of your espresso shots.
  • The indicator dial has precise temperature marking to show the optimal temperature range for brewing and steaming.
  • The dual boiler allows you to brew espresso and froth milk at the same time, which makes it convenient to customize for multiple beverages
  • The built-in steamer comes into handy whether you need hot water for your americano or steam for milk frothing
  • This machine has durable boilers – designed with a high quality non-drip mechanism with a solenoid valve, which keeps it clean and prevents leakage.


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