Kitchenaid Nespresso Machine


  • A retro machine with six programmable brewing options: single and double shots, for lungos, macchiatos, espressos, and americanos
  • The die-cast stainless steel casing makes it a very sturdy and durable machine, weighting 10.27 kg.
  • With a high pressure 19 bar brewing system, the Kitchenaid Nespresso makes a quality cup of espresso layered in crema in just 30 seconds.


The Kitchenaid Nespresso has a compact and durable metal casing. The machine shapes like an android robot, with dome shaped body, and rotatable brew setting dial.

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Like many machines in the espresso cafes, the Kitchenaid Nespresso looks like a retro machine, but with modern programmatic features bridging the gap between traditional and semi-automatic modern machines. On the front panel, you can select single shot or double shot. Precisely speaking, you can turn the single shot knob from 1 (25 ml) – 5 (60 ml). The lungo knob starts from 1 at 170 ml at the way up to 150 ml.

With the Kitchenaid Nespresso, it is compatible with the Nespresso capsules, which saves you the time to find suitable fine grounds for your at-home coffee workshop. When the machine is ready to brew, lights will turn on, with the exception of the middle light when the steamer is off. If you wanted to turn on the steamer, simply turn the side switch. The Kitchenaid Nespresso is user-friendly for tall cups. You can pull out the drip tray to fit a larger cup. On top of the drip tray, there is a foldable metal tray tailored to small espresso shots. Also, the drip tray is connected to a removable capsule bin drawer, which makes it easy for cleaning.

The water tank is made with plastic, and has a capacity of 1.3 L. Since there is no filter in the water tank, we recommend you to use filtered or distilled water for the Kitchenaid Nespresso.

When you start using the Kitchenaid Nespresso Machine for the first time, be sure to:

  • Fill in filtered drinking water, and run the machine thrice with the lungo setting
  • Once the machine is done rinsing, switch back to brewing mode
  • Wait for the LED light to illuminate in solid blue
  • Turn the lever up to insert the Nespresso capsule into the brew basket
  • Rotate the brew knob to default shot your preferred volume setting
  • Press the brew setting and brew into your coffee cup
  • Your coffee is ready to serve

Note: For Americanos, you should turn the dial higher than the default setting for macchiato and espresso.

Overall, the Kitchenaid Nespresso is a quality single serve espresso machine. The programmatic brew knob makes it easy to control for brew size and intensity.






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