KitchenAid KCG0702CU Burr Coffee Grinder

The Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder has a die-cast casing and two grinding plates. It has a very classic in geometry. The machine is constructed like a tank with sturdy stainless steel. The bean hopper is placed up top with the plate, gravity is used to pull down the beans all the way to the bottom plate. This grinder has a conical burr for consistency and control over the grinds. The Burr Grinder also reduces static for easy cleaning. The glass bean hopper holds up to seven ounces of beans. The machine pairs well with just about any type of brewing method like drip coffee machine, French press, and espresso makers. The grind size selector is designed like a bank safe dial. Depending on your preference, the KitchenAid Burr Grinder can tailor the fineness of your ground coffee. This grinder is suitable for just about anyone who wants fresh flavor in their coffee.

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Steps for first time use:

  • Clean the bean hopper and grind container with warm soap water
  • With the grinder in a flat surface, Attach the bean hopper on top then turn clock wise until closed firmly
  • Slide in center the lower grind container in place
  • Choose the grind settings based on your brewing method: 1 -3 for french press and a coarse grind, 5-7 for medium grind (best for pour over, sieving, auto-drip), 8 for fine grind espresso
  • Fill the bean hopper with the desired amount of beans and flip the power switch up
  • When the amount of ground coffee reaches a desirable level, flip the power switch down
  • Your ground coffee is ready to place in your brewer!

For those who are espresso lovers, be sure to test out the fineness by running through your initial grinding with old beans. This initial testing is an important procedure to ensure the Kitchenaid grinder generates fine enough grounds for a quality cup of espresso.

If the grounds are too coarse or fine than you expected. You can calibrate your gear settings inside the machine. See instructions and video below:

To test the grind settings, turn the external knob to the finest setting at 8. We would recommend run through the grinder with old coffee beans. After the initial grind, make sure the bean hopper container is empty. Then gently turn the allen key 4 mm (hex) counter clockwise to remove the screw in the front of the grind control dial. Take the black protector lid out to expose the grind control gear. Next, switch on the grinder and calibrate the adjustment by turning the gear wheel clockwise to the right. Then put the external adjustment knob back in place with the selector dial marked at 8 and screw back in the single set screw. It is normal that you need to set the burr tension at least once, or periodically if your grinder needs further adjustments.

After a while, your coffee grinder will inevitably build up some oil and grime inside. You want to clean your grinder to make your brew taste better. Luckily, we have an easy method to clean your grinder. All you do is throw the cleansing tablets into your grinders. It is a good practice to use a soft bristle brush to clean your grinder. To have your metal burrs last, remember to wipe the blades clean and make sure there is no moisture left behind.

Note: rice is not an ideal agent for cleaning your grinder, as it is an organic matter containing starch.

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