Francis Francis Illy X7.1 iperEspresso Machine

The Illy X7.1 machine is good for novice coffee drinkers, who are seeking simplified ways to make lungo espressos, lattes, etc.

The Illy X7.1 body appears classic, yet modernized in terms of functionality. It takes less than a minute to make an aromatic cup of espresso. the built-in milk frother is very flexible. You can easily control the foam volume. The longer you hold onto the wand, the hotter and foamier the milk turns out. This gives you fresh milk on-demand.


The drawback for this device would be your commitment to buying only the iperEspresso Ily capsules, but, by default, the Illy branded capsule guarantees quality. That way, you do not need to experiment on different types of ground coffee beans. So if you are looking to customize your coffee based on the types of beans, you should look for the Breville series. Note: models such as Breville 800ESXL “Duo-Temp” has no built in grinder. While the mid-range models such as Breville Barista Express has a built-in grinder.

See demo video below:

Other disadvantages: 1) cup sizes are not adjustable with a maximum of 3.2 inches tall. 2) If you start frothing milk, you would need to wait at least 10 minutes to make your next espresso. I would strongly recommend making the coffees in advance and forth the milk afterwards. That way, it eliminates the wait time, and takes an average of five minutes to make both the milk and two cups of coffee.

The 5 ounce capsules, it comes in a 21 pack at about $13 USD. you can choose from the medium roast, lungo, dark roast, Guatemala, Ethopia and Brazil monoarabicas, and decaf.

iperespresso-mediumroast-dark-lungoThis device is smart!

  • Illy X7.1 has an internal
    temperature & pressure control system to ensure coffee is brewed at an optimal pressure of 15 bars.
  • Making coffee is very simple. Just insert a iperEspresso capsule into the filter handle and lock it in place by rotating clockwise.
  • This machine ensures the flavour you’re used to by having a programmable volume so you get the same shot of espresso every time.

iperespresso-guatemalaIn terms of cleaning, just remember to wipe off the frothing wand with a clean towel. After making your coffee, simply lift the drip tray up to wipe off water from the bottom part.

Note: this machine only takes Illy iperEspresso capsules. If you wanted to tone down the intensity of the espresso, you can make an americano by adding hot water or a cappuccino with frothed milk.

Cost benefit Analysis – Is it worth the buy?

This coffee machine costs around $295 USD. To result in breakeven point, here’s what we have for coffee drinkers of different degree of frequency:

Assume an average coffee drinker buys 1 cup of coffee at Starbucks: it costs about $5 each day (plus tax).

$5 x 365 = $1825

With Illy x7.1:

Initial cost: $295

Drinking one cup of coffee each day translates to 365/21 euqals to about 18 boxes

5 ounce capsules x 21: $13/box x 18 box = $234

Descaling  package – Dezcale descaler for $6 on Illy eShop [comes with four pack (28 g)]

Total cost first year: $535

Cost difference: Starbucks less Iperespresso = $1290

Cost goes down as you drink more each day (ex: 3 cups)

Starbucks $15 x 365 = $5475

With Illy x7.1:

Initial cost: $295

Drinking one cup of coffee each day translates to 365 x 3/21 euqals to about 53 boxes

$13/box x 53 box = $689

Descaling  package – Dezcale descaler for $6 on Illy eShop for four times (28 g)

Total cost first year: $984

Starbucks price premium = $5475 – 984 = $4491

It goes down further if you drink five cups a day

Starbucks $25 x 365 = $9125

With Illy x7.1:

Initial cost: $295

Drinking one cup of coffee each day translates to 365 x 5/21 euqals to about 87 boxes

$13/box x 87 box = $1131

Total cost including descale package: $1131 + 6 = 1137

Starbucks versus iperEspresso: $9125 – 1137 = 7988

To conclude, whether you buy an IperEspresso machine or other brand names, it is still cheaper to have homemade coffee than drinking out.


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