DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica has a compact body relative to its counterparts in the super-automatic category, with a dimension 9.4” by 13.8”.

DeLonghi Super Automatic Magnifica 3300 Espresso Machine

The water tank is designed with a handle grip, which you can easily slide out for a refill. You can fill the 1.8 L (60 oz) water tank by sliding it out partially, or simply remove the water filter and fill it up in the sink.

The Magnifica has a spacious clearance for coffee cups. It can take up to about a maximum of 5 inches. To select settings in your grinder, we recommend Coarse settings for café crema, and finer settings for espresso.

The De’Longhi Magnifica has a quality grinder made with conical steel burrs. This means coffee beans are cut and compressed at an optimal flow and temperature. The coffee is brewed airtight right from freshly ground coffee from the bean hopper.

The steaming and brewing process is fast. It takes one minute to froth milk, and a 10 second turn around from steaming to brewing.

The steaming wand is manual. When you turn on the steam, thermal block in the machine heats up within 10 seconds. Then it will automatically start purging to clean off any condensation and residue in the steam system. After that, turn off the steamer.

To start frothing, turn on the steamer again. On average, it takes about 1 minute to get a good amount of froth on your milk. Once you are done, you can adjust for cup size and dosage (amount of beans in-flow & single or double shot) brew your coffee immediately. If you want to stop the flow, simply click on the single or double shot button again.

The grounds bin is located in the front, with a capacity of 14 espressos. For maintenance, it is a good idea to rinse it with hot water after each use. we recommend you to wash brew unit (infuser) inside the machine. This brew unit is dish washer safe on the top rack. The drip tray and the box below is removable. Inside the box, there is a floater in case there is too much water.

At the back of the DeLonghi Magnifica, the bean hopper holds 12 ounces of beans with a knob for the grinder adjustment. Dual boiler. There is a thermal block style boiler for brewing, and a steam boiler. The machine has indicator lights at the bottom part of the panel reminds you to: 1) refill water tank 2) remove coffee remnants from the ground bin 3) general warning (i.e.: drip tray is missing, and door is open.) 4) descale light

The decaling process is very easy for the DeLonghi Magnifica. It can be done with just one click. There is a descale water button illuminated when the machine needs a descale. Simply push the descale button to enter into the descale mode for rinsing.

The silver round button with the coffee scoop is the bypass button. Bypass is kind of like a “brew-as-you-go” option by allowing you to choose a different flavor of coffee beans each time. This is a useful function particularly when you have pre-ground coffee of another flavor that you wanted to use. You can simply click the button first. The machine will expect ground coffee coming into the middle compartment.

When you press the hot water button, the machine generates hot water from the frothing wand. If you open up the valve instead, you will get steam out of the machine.

The dispensing is adjustable for cup sizes and dosage. Volume of coffee and size of shot (0.5 – 8 oz). The silver buttons are programmable doses. One for the programmed amount and the other for double of the amount.

Each time when you turn on the Magnifica, it takes care of rinsing and preheats to an optimal temperature for brewing.


  • The Magnifica DeLonghi is capable of making quality espressos compare to other more expensive machines of a similar class.
  • The dispenser can be adjusted up and down to accommodate different cup sizes.
  • With the built-in filter, you do not have to buy any descaling fluid for your Magnifica. Decaling is just a one click process.
  • The programmable buttons make espresso, cappuccino, and latte making easy.
  • The stainless steel drip tray is well designed with a floater inside to in case of an overflow
  • The water tank has a very large capacity of 1.8 L (60 oz) – makes it convenient to make espressos for a party


  • The Magnifica does not have a digital screen to indicate precisely what triggers the general warning light. It takes some detective skills to figure out the cause.
  • This machine has no dial to indicate brew temperature on your coffee.
  • The cup adjustment knob has no numeric markings to indicate volume, so it takes some guesswork to select the correct cup size for your glass.

Overall, the De’Longhi Magnifica 3300 is a value buy for a durable super automatic espresso maker.



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