DeLonghi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

The DeLonghi EC155 is a more involved machine compared to a regular Kurig K-Cup or drip coffee brewer. Ideal for entry level coffee baristas, looking at a price range of around $100 or lower. It has a plastic body with steel accents on the control panel, stainless steel boiler and brew head.

DeLonghi 15 Bar Pump EC155 Black Espresso And Cappuccino Maker

The DeLonghi EC155 Machine comes with a single and a double shot stainless steel filters. Note that this machine only takes fine espresso ground, not regular coarse ground. The stainless steel drip tray is removable for easy washing. You can also detach the drip tray to accommodate taller cups. The clearance for this drip tray is 2.5 inches tall. Once you remove the tray, you can fit a slightly taller cup at 3 – 4 inches. The machine also has a built-in temper to make ground coffee more even in your portable filter.

The steam and froth tube is attached with a plastic tip. The knob for steaming is located at the top of the unit. Turn the knob counter clockwise to adjust for the amount of steam you want. You can use this for milk frothing for your cappuccino, or getting hot water for your americano. Once you are done, simply turn all the way clockwise to switch off the steam.

On the main panel, you can turn the dial from left to right for the following: Froth, Power Off & On, and Coffee & Hot Water Delivery. The unit needs preheating to bring up to a proper temperature for coffee brewing. On average, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for an optimal pre-heating time. The green OK light is used for brewing and steaming milk.

To start brewing, slot in a two shot or one shot filter into the brew basket. Insert ground espresso coffee all the way to the top. You can use the back of the coffee scoop to even it out and place it underneath the built-in temp to remove any excess ground coffee. Attach the brew basket onto the holder, pull the handle tight until the basket is snug. [Note: you do not have to turn the basket straight, all the way to the center. Using too much force can damage the brew unit]

Turn the knob to the coffee hot water delivery position. When the machine has a green light, you can go ahead and start brewing. Note: this unit does not turn off automatically. You have to manually press the off button to stop.

To make a cappuccino or latte, steam the milk first before brewing the espresso. Choose steam option in the dial. First, open up the steam valve and remove any condensation with an empty pitcher. Then use about 4 ounces of cold milk. After the milk is doubled in volume, move the pitcher further up so the tip goes in further to generate more heat and foam. Rotate the steam clockwise to off and switch off the main dial. Wipe the wand clean. Open the valve to remove any excess milk and residue. The milk should reach 140F.  Your rule of thumb for the DeLonghi EC155: Froth for 45 seconds, make sure not to froth for more than a minute. Let the frothed milk sit. Cool down boiler before making espresso.

Once you have inserted the coffee basket, place your cup underneath the machine. When the machine shows green, switch the dial to the coffee delivery mode to make an espresso.

Swivel the pitcher and tap the pitcher onto the countertop to make sure the milk, froth, and foam is evenly distributed. After you have poured the frothed milk from the pitcher into your espresso. Your cappuccino is ready to serve.


  • The EC155 De’Longhi is terrific for those who are starting out with hands-on espresso making.
  • Machine is inexpensive with a very sleek and techno look for your homemade coffee
  • Pressurized basket filters make nice, flavorable crema in the espresso shots. You do not need to temp a lot for your ground coffee.
  • The cup storage on top is stainless steel, makes it a convenient feature for cup warming
  • The control knob is easy to adjust your coffee volume.
  • Portable drip tray makes adjustment easy for taller cup size like 4 inches


  • The coffee cups wobble a bit from the vibration of the drip tray, especially when you are using small shot cups for your espressos. It is recommended that you should hold onto espresso shot cups that are smaller and lighter in weight.
  • There is not much clearance between the steaming wand and the countertop. The maximum height is about 20 oz. You need to toggle from side to side for an optimal frothing angle.

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