Choosing Your Right Vertuoline Nespresso Blends

Optimal flavors for coffee (8 oz)

For the intense flavors, the Elvazio and Half Caffeinato are ideal for an 8 oz coffee.

Elvazio is made with South American Arabica. It is lightly roast with a fruity flavor. If you add milk to the Elvazian coffee, the fruity taste will change to a more creamy cereal and caramel flavor.

Half Caffeinato has a delicious cookie flavor. This blend consists of a mixture of caffeinated and decaffeinated Arabica from Brazil and Africa. It tastes silky with a medium intensity. Once you have added milk, the caramel and nutty flavor seeps into its sweet and mild flavor profile.

Mild Espresso 

For a light cup of espresso, Voltesso is the go-to flavor. This blend is a South American Arabica with a sweet and crisp aroma.  It makes a round and rich body with a tint of creamy pastry flavor. Adding milk will make it smoother.

Best flavors for medium intensity

Melozio is made with fine arabica from Brazil and parts of Central America. This blend has a sweet cookie flavor. It is a light roast with smooth texture. With milk, the Melozio brings out a sweeter and more prominent biscuity flavor.

Caramelizio is a Brazilian and Central American arabica. This blend has strong taste in caramelized sugar, and tints of vanilla. By adding milk, it brings out a broche and mellow body.

Hazelino is a Brazilian and Central American arabica. This flavor makes a distinctive nutty taste in your coffee. It has a sweet harmonized body that emanates a hazel nut aroma. With milk, the Hazelino accentuates its praline substance to the smooth, balanced body.

Vanizio has a velvety vanilla taste. The arabica beans are made from Brazil and Central America. This artisan blend has a smooth and balanced body, layered with gourmet and creamy flavor.

Flavors for intensity

Coffee (8 oz)

Odacio is an arabica blend originated from Ethiopia and Nicaragua. This full bodied blend has a tint of East African fruity flavor. With milk, it softens the intense body by bringing out the sweet cereal flavor.

Espresso (1.35 oz)

Decaffeinato Intenso is made with fine asian robusta. This blend is made with Brazilian and Columbian coffees. With a balanced and flavorful profile, the Decaffeinato Intenso emanates a cocoa and fruity taste. Adding milk brings out the sweetness in its body.

Flavors suitable for cappuccino

There is no straight answer as to which flavors are designed for cappuccino. You can experiment with wide range of flavors, depending on the intensity and taste you prefer.

For higher intensity, use Odacio or Stormio in your cappuccino.

Mid-to high intensity, you can use Hazelino, Melozio, and any other flavors in the medium category.

For mild results, use Voltessio or Elvazio to make less intense coffee, espresso shots, cappuccinos or lattes.

You can also choose the decaffeinato flavors for decaffeinated beverages. Half caffeinato for mild. Decaffeinato Intenso for more intensity.

Robust flavors for higher intensity

Stormio is a Nicarguan and Guatemalan blend with a spicy and woody flavor. It has an intense body made with highly roasted arabica coffee beans. Adding milk softens the spiciness slightly, but the distinct roasted flavor remains.

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